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hacker named 'the smoking man'

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hacker named 'the smoking man'
« on: September 13, 2015, 10:17:52 PM »
hi. new to server. play as DUDES group name Waffles. was doing a mission in Syrta when Deathpar7 was killed by smoking man. we searched town and found no one. Freshie named fireplug killed another player named Barnyard who is with us. Getting notices that The Smoking Man was doing a mission 6.3 kilometers out from us.. ai dying fast. Figured he was using a vehicle. Barnyard spawns back in in Syrta. We cleared the mission and headed to the next closest one. it was cleared by the smoking man while i was 700 meters out. I start to creep up and he passes overhead in a chopper. My clan are behind me and shoot out its rotor 1.6 away from mission, it lands ok, doesn't blow up, but was disabled. No death message for smoking man. No body near chopper. I get to mission and my clan shows up right behind me. There's 2 striders blown up, a chopper, and the crate was still there. And i was sniped immediately at the crate by smoking man from 303 meters out. There's no way that he got 1.6 kilometers under his feet that fast or survived the blowing up of all those vehicles. No one uses strider's like that, too expensive... or a lil bird. So if it was an admin I am reporting admin abuse on a decent scale, if not an admin there's a hacker getting thru battle eye. When i asked in side if he was an admin or a hacker he IMMEDIATELY left the server.
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