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News & Updates / Server being upgraded soon!
« on: August 11, 2013, 06:53:13 PM »
EDIT: Looks like the upgrade will be happening TODAY guys! Woot!

This does mean a shutdown for around 1 hour at some point today :(  BUT it's needed - We're adding an extra CPU core and another gig of RAM, plus moving our MySQL database to an SSD drive, for faster read/write access - should make it nice n smooth, although the SSD part might be for another day, as we need to test the move of the MySQL database on our test server first :)

To help the server run smoother, we are hoping to upgrade the hardware of our server very soon.

No more details on this at the moment, more info this coming week though :)

« on: August 11, 2013, 04:55:45 PM »
We're not big on nanny states, so the list of rules isn't huge!

1) DO NOT HACK - Obvious one this, but an important one. If you get caught hacking, no matter WHO you are or HOW LONG you've been on the server, you're gone. Period.  Also, if you glitch into bases you can and will be removed from the server.  Period.

2) No griefing or trolling - No time for silly little childish behaviour on the server. If you want to join a server to troll or grief, go elsewhere, you might last on those servers more than a day, unlike on ours ;)

3) Bandits are welcome. Welcome may be the wrong word actually... What we mean is that bandits are part of the gameplay. It's realistic... in the zombie apocalypse, you'd be bound me meet some morons, especially if you went driving around. HOWEVER due to previous issues with bandits hacking, known bandits will likely come under scrutiny. You won't get banned for being a bandit, but if you are unknown to the admins and are a bandit, you may be likely to be checked in the logs more, etc

4) No abusive language (including no sexism, racism or homophobia). Although this comes under griefing/trolling, it's worth mentioning it here too. NO abusive language. Think about it like this: SOME players may be under 18. In fact, some may be 11 or 12 (we know Arma 2 is rated 18+, however that's irrelevant). So for this reason, DO NOT say things to people that you wouldn't say to an 11/12yr old in public. Try to remember this - people can be younger than you think, so act sensibly and do not use extreme language, especially sexual language/poor taste sexual jokes. In case you're wondering, this IS a 'ban-able' offense if severe enough/repeated.

5) Admins try to help players that get stuck or die due to a glitch. Anyone found abusing this (getting killed or dying legit and claiming otherwise to get gear restored) will be kicked for 24hrs the first time, then banned if it happens again. ADMINS are here to help, however NOBODY gets paid here, so wasting an admins time is kickable/ban-able ;)

6) If you spot a hacker, report it. Although we have active admins, and try hard to ensure all hackers are caught, you, the Petunia DayZ community, are our best line of defense! Feel uneasy about something? Think someone is hacking? - Report it to us :D

That's about it folks! Anyone has questions, or wants clarification on anything, PM me or another mod.

Edit: Mordecai The Fox - I'm adding a rule though it shouldn't have to be posted.  If you park outside the map your cars will be deleted by script.  It will not be replaced.  If the script fails to delete it I will personally blow it up.  It's against the spirit of the game.  Play in bounds people.  :)

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