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Arma 3 Exile General / What is Fair For Donors To Receive
« on: July 20, 2016, 05:41:21 PM »
What do you guys think? We want to strike a nice, fair balance so suggestions are welcome!

What would make you more likely to donate? (you can answer even if you're not currently in a position to donate, all opinions are welcome).

Hey all, so we've updated to 0.9.8.

Lots of changes that you can read about over on the Exile forum, but some specific to Petunia:

- Toned down the new weapons & vehicles to avoid anything OP
- NO AMMO at traders, but added a few of the new weapons (shotgun, AKS/AKM and Lee Enflied). For ammo, LOOT or kill roaming/driving AI
-  Increased the chance of ammo spawning in houses, shops & military areas (and in SOME apartments)
- Traders have moved. We need to sort this a bit, they are currently in the military zones. For now, to stop it being a pain in the ass to get military loot, we've increase military loot in a few other zones. We will move the traders soon
- Russian roulette is at the North traders only (and positions are a bit funky, but it works... need 2 or more players).
- NO cement mixers yet (will sort over the next 2 or 3 days
- Increase time before your base deletes - You now get 14 days, not 7 ;)

Hey all,

Just a quick note to say that there's now an AI mission on Petunia Esseker.

This one is VERY hard.

For those of you who've tried it, we've improved it just now AND made it a bit more fun... It should be easier to get close without being sniped before you get to the area.

Want to give it a try? Check the left side of the map for 'Mission Impossible' :P

Port: 2302

Mods needed - Check Teamspeak channel for the links :D

Arma 3 Exile General / Petunia EXILE RETURNS! Esseker Hard Survival!
« on: June 12, 2016, 09:33:33 PM »
IP: Port:2302

Server is an Esseker Hardcore Survival server... Loot is sparse (especially weapons & ammo, so make your shots count!).

- There's roaming AI on foot (but with LOW GRADE weapons only - Pistols or mk20, that's all).

- There's roaming AI in vehicles - everything from 1 AI on a bicycle, to 15 AI in a truck (againwith LOW GRADE weapons only - Pistols or mk20, that's all).

- There's Zombie hordes... But NO demons, no jumping and no throwing cars... Mostly slower zombies with some rarer jogging ones... If you're smart, you can use tactics and survive them. But you DO have to think... go running straight into a city, you're zombie meat (as the DO eat your body... nom nom nom!).

More to follow soon - all welcome!


- Exilemod http://www.exilemod.com/downloads/

- Esseker http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28815 or http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=498101407

- Cup Core Terrains http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30044 or http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=583496184

- Ryans Zombies & Deamons http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28958 or http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=501966277

- Extended_Base_Mod to the mod list @ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=647753401

Most of the above also available on Steam Workshop (except Exilemod).

Feedback welcome!!!

Gaming Hardware / Rigs etc / Does this seem familiar to anyone?
« on: May 09, 2016, 12:32:27 PM »
Does this seem familiar to anyone?

I know I've been there before!

Post in this topic to introduce yourself if you're new please :)

SERVER DISCUSSION / Promoting & Growing - Anyone want to get involved?
« on: January 31, 2016, 02:39:26 PM »
Hey all,

So, I'm thinking about promoting the servers a bit more (Ark & Arma) and am considering a few options, which I'll list below.

I'd also like to ask if anyone wants to get involved with one (or more if they like) of the below, on an occasional basis to help grow the servers a bit more. No pressure and if anyone does want to get involved, will just be when they have the time etc.

  • Posting on External forms (Server advert threads where allowed, on Exilemod etc (maybe there's similar for  Ark?)
  • Tweeting screenies (or vids) of in-game action/funny shit etc, using #PetuniaServer and #exilemod or #arksurvival etc (will appear here: http://www.petuniaserver.com/forums/social.php
  • Sharing on Facebook screenies (or vides) of in-game action/funny shit etc
  • Voting for the Ark server occasionally
  • Posting on Exilemod (and other) forums - non-advertising, just sharing in-game pics etc (but with the server banner in your signature
  • Posting on Exilemod (and other) forums - Looking for players who're posting 'looking for a group' type posts & inviting them to your group on the server (even just temp. joining your group till they get settled etc
  • Open to other ideas too
  • Streaming the server with the server name & IP overlayed, with a link to the stream workshop in your Twitch info
  • Posting funny vids to YouTube with the server info int he description

Obviously not looking for someone to do all of the above lol, but if anyone does see one (or more if they like) things in the above list (or has other ideas) that they think they'd like to do, and if they'd like to see more players on our servers again, drop me a PM :)

Other ideas also welcome (for promoting on other sites/social AND also any suggestions to additions to our own forums/site) - So if you think of something cool you'd like to see... post below with your ideas :)

Cheers all!


For today/tonight, open to Steam friends only...

If you can't see the steam workshop file, you're prob not connected to me on steam - don't worry, it'll be live tomorrow for everyone (so long as tonight's beta play goes okay!).

Workshop file: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=605662723

 Need this and Exile to join the new Australia Exile! - Same IP as usual, port: 8902

Arma 3 Exile General / Petunia Australia Exile - Fucking big map anyone?
« on: January 19, 2016, 11:17:42 PM »
So - Deathpar and 2yys and I have been working on some tweaks... Exile Australia!

Deathpar has been kind enough to help a lot, adding trader positions and various exile-related stuff to the Australia map.

I've now added 2 types of server-side missions and zombies.

All that really remains is to finish the traders, integrate some of the mods and we're good to go!

As a taste of what's to come - does this image remind you of TV shows? :D (and yes, only cops can open prison doors... we'll have a group of players elevated to Cops - might be admins, might be players too - we'll see :D)


Big thanks
to 2yys for being a star tester and to Deathpar for all his help porting Exile over :D

I'm going to be fucking about with Oculus VR, both Unity projects and gameplay. Some will be for work (won't stream that, will be boring!) but also I'll be doing some more fun stuff too (still sometimes work, but more fun like setting up horror scenes, shit that makes you jump etc).

Do you think it's worth streaming to Twitch & posting YT vids to the forums here?

Comments or game requests for VR streaming welcome too! (Altho, not all games will work with Oculus, I can use third party software to emulate VR on some games).

Gaming Hardware / Rigs etc / Thoughts on this hardware? (Request from Mike)
« on: December 12, 2015, 09:50:56 PM »
So I need a decent gaming rig for work (sounds odd, but it's for some VR / Oculus and 3d Video stuff).

What do you guys think to the spec below? (plus I've got a specific question at the end!)...



CPU Cooling:
Artic MX-4 extreme thermal paste
Corsair H100i GTX Hydro series high performance CPU cooler (liquid)

ASUS z170 PRO GAMING ATX, LG1151 — OR — Asus Maximus VIII Hero RoG

16gb Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000MHz (2 x 8gb)


Primary OS Drive:
m.2 SATA Samsung SM951 512gb for main OS drive

Data Drive:
1TB Samsung 850 EVO SSD for data drive

Corsair 850w RM servers 80 plus ultra quiet PSU

Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

3 Year Warranty

QUESTION... for those more in the know than me these days…

Motherboards - the ASUS z170 PRO GAMING ATX, LG1151 OR the Asus Maximus VIII Hero RoG?

I’m already stretching my budget WAY beyond what I intended… and it’s guns hurt :D - Is there MUCH to gain by going for the Maximus Hero over the z170 Pro Gaming?

We've been asked a few times to make an Esseker server for our PetuniaServer mod...

Should we do it? Have your say!

Note: Even if the vote wins, it may not be an immediate thing - it'll take a bit of work AND we 'may' need a server upgrade first, which would require getting a couple more donor subscribers... But if we know what players want, at least we can set our goals!

SERVER NEWS / Feedback invited on new forums & player stats
« on: November 07, 2015, 03:47:18 PM »
We'd love your feedback on the new forums & the stats pages (stats can be found by looking in the menu at the top of this page. Note: They only show players who are ALIVE, so if you're character is dead, spawn back in to see yourself in the stats!).

Hey all,

Afraid some little Sh!t has DDOS'd our server, with a VERY heavy DDOS attack.

The server company have null-routed our IP address for a few hours, effectively taking our server offline for the next few hours :(

As soon as it's up (hopefully this evening) I will post an update here (unless I'm asleep, in which case I hope one of the other admins will be about to let everyone know!).

This is extremely annoying I know - I'm chasing the server company to speed things up and they are also investigating the attack as it went so far as to effect the local traffic at the datacentre, so it got pretty serious.

I hope everyone will stick with us! We'll be back within a few hours!

As a side note, I'm working on bringing back one Arma 2 OverPoch server and also an Arma 3 server (folks seem split between A2 and A3, so I'm going to bring 1 of each back!). Watch this space! :D

Petunia Ark Server / Ark Update Patch Notes (Updated Regularly
« on: June 13, 2015, 11:09:35 PM »
Current Version: v205.3
* 'Unnatural Selection' Tournament Build!
* Optionally launch with ?EnableDeathTeamSpectator=true (or EnableDeathTeamSpectator in [ServerSettings] of INI) to allow non-admin SotF players to spectate attached to only their own living team members after death.
* Fixed disappearing thrown Monkeys (we think)

* Argentavis/birds client-side landing is back to how to used to be. -- client-side only input change, you don't need to relaunch your servers.
* Doedicurus can roll again now :) -- client-side only input change, you don't need to relaunch your servers.

* Fixed a server crash on startup (unversioned hotfix)
* "Survival of the Fittest: Unnatural Selection" (Game Mode, Tournament... Ride the Dragon and Dominate the ARK!)
* Survival of the Fittest servers can launch with "-gameplaylogging" commandline option to output a dated log file to \Saved folder, which will contain a timestamped kill & winners log listing steam id, steam name, character name, etc. Handy for automatic Tournament records... :)
* ARK Server Manager & ARK Remote now support Remote Management/Mod Installation of Linux Servers!

* Fixed bug that was detaching carried Monkey on clients
* Fixed randomish missing mod engrams
* Fixed overspawning plesios in mods
* Fixed (likely) bug that was causing some players to be invisible for the host on non-dedicated sessions

* New Creature: Mesopithecus! This little buddy can ride on your shoulder and help you out of all sorts of scraps... ;)
* New Item: Primitive Smoke Grenades!
* Angled Roofs for Thatch/Wood/Stone/Metal tilesets! Courtesy of MechanizedIT, thank you, you're the best!!

Roofing v0.8.1 (OBSOLETE for now)
A Workshop Item for ARK: Survival Evolved
By: MechanizedIT
8/28/2015 Addressing comments and Mod integration into core game: Again, thanks everyone for the support. I'm excited to see this in game less because its my mod, but more because roofs just make...

* Max Tamed Dino cap on Official Servers properly raised to 5500
* Species X Plants will now auto-heal properly, phew!
* Folders on Engrams list stay visible correctly when re-opening Crafting Menu
* Creating a Tribe while Taming a Dino no longer loses the Tame
* Sarco buff: faster run speed, much faster mounted turn rate, higher tamed damage scaling
* Fixed bug with limiting NPC's when using certain mods (i.e. bug would cause huge # of Plesios underwater)
* Gigantopithecus can now manually harvest fiber

* 203.2: Fixed client-side memory leak! (also helps perf!)
* 203.1: Gates & Gate Foundations no longer get destroyed when attached to fence foundations (fence foundations are considered valid support for them now).
* Falling vaults don't float on wires anymore and they can fall multiple times now
* Sotf notifications now show up to 4 tribesmates on the tribe eliminated notification, if a sotf server is set to allow 4-player tribes.
* Defaulted max tamed dinos to 5000 up from 3700
* Blueprint cost overrides now are used correctly for reals.
* Spraygun now uses paint up properly
* Ptero now drops its carried character if it barrel rolls
* Now craft-all is limited to 100 iterations to avoid craft-all spam stalls. convenient enough for now ;)
* A dino that was ridden will now take fall damage once if it was unboarded in mid-air.
* Door interaction shouldn't get stuck anymore on client
* Player-level-up multipliers are now used properly when respawning
* Ptero don't allow barrelrolling when encumbered
* Torpored doedicurus will now exit ball-state properly
* Glasses now correctly placed on doedicurus
* All mammoth attacks now will harvest properly
* Fixed a rare server crash involving pickupable structures (sleeping bags, turrets, etc)
* Support for Giant Moon Meteor Extinction Event!

* Putting Canteens/Waterskins into taps connected directly to intakes now properly refills them, doesn't break them anymore. Sorry about that!
* Total Conversions are now listed at the bottom of the sessions list when not in a TC
* Failure to join a TC (such as SotF) no longer results in two overlapping popups
* Fixed a crash that some singleplayers were getting after a load
* Fixed another game-load crash case (associated with some Doedicurus functionality)

* New Creature: Doedicurus!
* New Item: Primitive Organic Automated Turret
* New Item: Automatic Spray-Paint 'Gun'
* Do a Barrell Roll! Ptero's can now unleash a devastating Barrell Roll Attack+Speed-Boost with the Crouch button ([C] by default)
* Servers can now edit a multiplier for player and dino level-upgrade amounts per-stat (and also different numbers in the case of wild dinos).
* Prevent-Friendly-Fire option for PvE servers
(or LinuxServer)


* Shooting arrows/projectiles at unconscious tiny dinos now actually hits them properly
* Fixed aiming of character weapon shooting when carried by a Flyer (previously was very difficult to hit stuff due to a bug)
* Added server option to disable "Friendly Fire" (among tribesmates/tribesdinos/tribesstructures) on PvE
* Whistles and other attached sounds now play properly when riding dinos
* Emotes now work properly when riding dinos
* Fixed another exploit involving players getting under the terrain, and if you do get under the terrain somehow you will be teleported back above it.
* You can now attach electric generators to electric cables after placing cables, they will snap accordingly
* Fixed an exploit where filled water containers could be used forever in recipes that require a filled water container
* Fixed an exploit where you could fill water canteens/jars up fully at a watertank even if you did not have enough water to do so (essentially allowing you to infinitely generate water).
* Fixed issues where you could erroneously create floating structures using fence foundations + pillars
* The destruction time of eggs on the ground is now the same for all eggs, 30 min
* Radio Engram exists again
* Gigantopithecus now requires Survivor Level 40 to Tame. This is a stopgap for the eventual introduction of a non-violent Taming Skill.

* Floating-To-Valhalla Ragdolls fixed
* Improved death-momentum calculation for ragdolls
* Fixed inability to place C4's after placing rotational actors, or to place them on certain walls
* Fixed singleplayer/local disappearing structure object visuals (campfires, preserving bins etc)

* You can no longer escape a bear trap by climbing a ladder
* You can no longer paint/deface another team's structures in PvE
* AutoTurrets will now shoot at Prone players
* Gigantopithecus properly gains food when fed during Tame (this was likely making Taming much more difficult as if he drops below 40% Food he'll rapidly lose Tame Affinity)
* Dolphins can be tamed again
* cheat GiveAllStructure: gives every structure that's connected to the current chain to you.
* cheat SetTargetPlayerBodyVal int (0-30), float (0-1): changes a character's body scaling for that region
* cheat SetTargetPlayerColorVal int (0-2), float (0-1): changes a character's body color for that region

* Fixed a server crash

* Fixed issue with 'Survival of the Fittest' server player counts being incorrect after match reset.
* IED's don't use demolition explosion type anymore, as they were not intended to. (effectively cuts their damage against structures by about 60%). They are anti-personnel/defensive.
* Cut taming time on Gigantopithecus by about 25% and he won't stay aggro'd forever now either.
* Scuba tank now slowly recovers your stamina if you are not moving in water.

* Reduced Gigantopithecus natural aggro range by 20%, and it'll no longer target wild animals -- only nosy humans/tamed animals. Also, its aggro will no longer reset its waking tame. Note that ANY damage resets the progress of a non-violent tame!
* Fixed SCUBA Goggles scaling/offset not matching heads
* Made multiplayer session list instantly cancel the join if you are not able to join for some reason, rather than making you wait for the time-out.
* Fixed interpolation of character when mounting/dismounting dino

* New Dino: Gigantopithecus: Your autonomous Fiber-gathering, helmet-wearing, human-tossing buddy-for-life!

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