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A3 Exile Petunia Bug & Glitch Reporting / Re: A lot of bugs at the time
« on: December 31, 2016, 10:55:44 PM »
So a couple things -
First - the issue I had with vehicles seems to have been resolved. I noticed that the map markers are working again. I forgot to mention that they had stopped working. So I'm not sure if the issue was tied to the map issue, but either way, it's been resolved due to whatever got updated. So, thanks for that!

Second - I noticed that bodies do despawn pretty fast. Kri had mentioned it , so I'm agreeing with his statement. I took out a few ai, then fought with a few more, and before I could loot the bodies from the first group, they were gone. Seems like it's maybe 15 mins. Can we extend that out a bit? 

Last - thank you for the gift stuff. That's really awesome!  Do you have to have a family before you can buy a plot of land to build on?

Hope everyone has a safe and awesome new year's!!!!!!!

A3 Exile Petunia Bug & Glitch Reporting / Re: A lot of bugs at the time
« on: December 28, 2016, 01:57:03 AM »
Mike -
Yes, I tried flip on all vehicles several times. When I do it, they are sent into the air about head high, then they slowly drift back down to the ground.
Were you able to find anything wrong?  Is it maybe just a bad/outdated mod on my end?

A3 Exile Petunia Bug & Glitch Reporting / Re: A lot of bugs at the time
« on: December 27, 2016, 06:55:33 PM »
Essekur map - seems ground vehicles are broken.  Thought I just had a stuck quad, so bought a new quad to go tow it free, new quad was not driveable from the dealer.  Sold back and tried a cart, same deal.  The 2 gift choppers I got worked fine, so it looks like whatever the deal is, it's restricted to ground vehicles. 
Also found a quad sitting near the airfield, tried it, and same thing, they start, you can manipulate the wheels, they lightly "glide" across the ground, but they're anchored mostly in place.

Ban Appeals / Re: (VOTE) Rage,Seawest04, and Cyril
« on: September 21, 2014, 06:22:18 PM »
I can't seem to vote from my phone, but I can't remember what they did to get banned. However, in Petunia style, they have apologized, and I feel we give them another chance.  So reinstate on probation.
But if they so much as use an aresol can in a manner other than directed, then the ban hammer should drop for good.
Points if you know where I got the can reference.

Server Events / Re: Event June 15th 2014
« on: June 15, 2014, 10:00:32 PM »
I vote for next weekend.  I will be able to make arrangements with the wife to be on during the day and I can participate. 
I had discussed a hostage event with 2yys and mike breifly, but it was going to be one of the admins takes hostages, and players rescue them.  I think I like your idea better.

I also had an idea for admins to take over the AI base on Panthera.  There would be a few admin tools they can use, but not many, and not god mode.  Maybe buff the HP and damage a bit to make it hard, but nothing over the top. :)

Like the map, wish it was bigger, but not a huge deal.  I would vote that Namalsk becomes the new "Hardcore" server, as it's a pretty extreme map too begin with...
Maybe make Panthera (if we keep it) a more "harder than cherno but not as hard as Namalsk in the middle of both type of server".  Just my 2 copper. :)

Nuke the bus route.. Honestly, Otto just gets in peoples way most of the time.  Save yourself some hassle and just pull it.  I really don't think anyone has taken the bus in quite a while anyways.....

Ban Appeals / Re: Khanis05 Ban Appeal Thread And VOTE
« on: May 15, 2014, 06:16:42 AM »
thanks guys for your vote and got to say a massive thank you to all the admins for giving me a second chance, im gonna be a changed person when i come back and hopefully i get a second chance from khanis :)

So you want a second chance from yourself????????????

Is there ANY way to have the plot pole do something to the vehicles to make it so they're "Maintained" when you do the pole thing??  Like add some code like (if key=yes, pole maintains vehicles=yes)  I'm not a programmer by any means, but I kind of understand how code works.  There probably is a way, ust might be more work than it's worth to you. 

I know it seems kind of lazy, but some people, myself included, have sporadic free time and trying to maintain X amount of vehicles might be outside of that time frame.  And don't give me that "Well then don't have that many vehicles!" bs.  I have them for a reason :)


News & Updates / Re: Handcuff Players and Loot Their Gear :D
« on: April 24, 2014, 10:02:42 PM »
So do we get anything for making interesting videos????  I can picture myself handcuffing someone and refusing to let them go till they squeal like a pig for me.....

This could suck badly for me... My play time varies and with wifey about to hatch out the little one, I could be gone for a bit longer than usual without notice.  I miss you guys, I've been really busy lately with life stuff like work, work, work, work, work, work, and getting ready for baby.
Hope to have some free time soon.


7-4-2014 = July 4th, 2014...

Why are you waiting till july 4th to call the winners??????

Server Events / Re: Petunia Server Event This Weekend!!!
« on: April 04, 2014, 06:07:14 AM »
May I request Sunday, I'd like to attend, but I work on saturday's


Nice try mike.......  :)

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