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Now the DayZ server files are out... Should we launch a DayZ SA Server?

Do you want to play DayZ with the old Petunia folks?

Please vote & comment!

News & Updates / Teamspeak is back online !!!
« on: August 16, 2018, 12:50:09 AM »
Teamspeak has been wiped and updated - Sorry folks, but heh - it has been out of date for a while I think!


Chernarus Overpoch / Overpoch weapons added to traders!
« on: March 18, 2018, 09:05:56 PM »
Okay, so prob not got them all - but added a shit-load more overpoch items to the traders!

Enjoy! (and don't forget to try your luck at Devil's Castle AI Stronghold!).

Chernarus Overpoch / Devils Castle RETURNS!
« on: March 18, 2018, 09:03:27 PM »
Yup! Devils Castle is once again an AI stronghold! It's a bit different to last time (years ago for those that remember it from our old Arma 2 servers!). So, wanna give it a go?

It's work in progress, so report any bugs or issues (feedback requested). NOTE: This does not currently respawn (only on reboots - and I'm working on the reboot issue!), so it is meant to be fecking HARD ;)

Good luck - and take plenty of beans with ya... this may take a while!

Arma 2 Donor Info / Donor Subscribers Get...
« on: March 10, 2018, 01:29:07 AM »
Become a donor subscriber here: http://www.petuniaserver.com/forums/donate.php and you'll get...

These are being set-up tomorrow, but you can subscribe today, of course!
ALL money will go into the server or scripts/tools etc, we do NOT make a profit from our servers :)


- Spawn with Coyote pack
- Get 10k coins per week in your bank automatically!


- Spawn with Coyote pack
- Spawn with a GPS
- Get 20k coins per week in your bank automatically!


- Spawn with Coyote pack
- Spawn with a GPS
- Spawn with a bloodbag
- Get 30k coins per week in your bank automatically!

- Spawn with Coyote pack
- Spawn with a GPS
- Spawn with a bloodbag
- Spawn with a morphine pen
- Spawn with an extra clip for your pistol
- Get 30k coins per week in your bank automatically!

That link again! - http://www.petuniaserver.com/forums/donate.php

About Petunia GTA5 / Petunia GTA5 Server is ONLINE (INFO - MUST READ)
« on: December 29, 2017, 12:23:07 PM »
We've set-up a GTA5 server and it's now online.

Player positions save, gear should save, money saves. Not many jobs on there at the moment, but we'll be adding more soon... Along with some other bits & pieces.


A bit of role play (but not tooooo RP) but VERY much will be a survival-style server (we can tweak this as needed based on feedback etc, but that's the idea so far).


You'll need the FiveM client files - Click the banner on our forum homepage to get it.

Launch the client (you'll need to sign-in with the Rockstar Social login, to ensure you have a valid account etc).

Search the servers list for 'Petunia'

Launch! Don't worry about the crappy old-school overhead map at first, that's just while the game loads, ha!

News & Updates / Exile Chernarus Redux Anyone?
« on: October 16, 2017, 10:55:31 PM »
We're looking at setting up a Chernarus Redux Exile server (https://www.chernarusredux.com/) - Would you play?

Of course it'll be modded a bit, with some cool features etc.

Vote above and let us know what style you'd prefer...

1) More DayZ like, with lower loot spawns, less military gear and sweaty-palm inducing, heart racingly hard!

2) All want all the stuffs! Gimme military grade spawns etc. like in Exile ;)

Note: You can change your vote etc :)

News & Updates / Anyone play EPOCH or other Arma mods?
« on: April 29, 2017, 03:28:05 PM »
Vote on what you play/would play :D

If you vote other, please comment as well, to say what ;)

This event: http://www.petuniaserver.com/forums/index.php?topic=2388.msg6268;topicseen#new Starts shortly - so just on TS if you're interested!

All sorted and ready on Tanoa for tomorrow... An upgrade of the last Tanoa event:

- AI fortified area

- NO ZOMBIES during the event (they kill the damn AI and smoother fps without them for events)

- Will need teamwork & tactics to survive

- Mixed weapons available, from 5.56 up to snipers

- Rewards for all who take part - Event is on Tanoa, but you can get your reward on Tanoa or Esseker.

Who's up for some fun? - Just reply to the topic if you are.


Okay folks... I'm thinking of an event tomorrow... Anyone up for it?

If so, which server? Esseker, or Tanoa?

Please vote accordingly.

Whichever server we play on, the rewards will be able to be redeemed on the server of your choice :)

Server Events / Random Xmas present every 30 mins! Both ARMA 3 servers :D
« on: December 26, 2016, 08:22:31 PM »
Notice to all players:

Every 30mins on BOTH the Exile servers, a random player is picked to win a gift.

Gift can be:

- Crate with RANDOM loot (inc. Weapons, Ammo, Food & Meds).

Or... A surprise :D


If your name comes up in a pop-up notice as having won, GET OUTSIDE and wait there for a few moments (otherwise you present may spawn too close to your base or vehicle and BLOW SHIT UP!).

Don't say you were not warned :D

Merry Christmas Folks!!!    Merry Christmas Folks!!!    Merry Christmas Folks!!!    Merry Christmas Folks!!!    Merry Christmas Folks!!!    Merry Christmas Folks!!!

SERVER NEWS / What Other Games Should We Host? (Anything!)
« on: September 27, 2016, 11:42:08 PM »
Okay - IF we were to host other games, what should we host?

This could be Arma 3, Arma 2, or pretty much anything else.

Any suggestions welcome :D

Arma 3 Exile General / Esseker Back Up - PLEASE READ IMPORTANT
« on: September 10, 2016, 11:41:39 PM »
Hey all,

Sorry again for the stupidly long delay with updating the server. The update hit at a busy time - I had some serious dental surgery and was also moving house - so crazy busy :D

Anyway, the server HAS now been updated AND the Territory email alerts are also WORKING again (green button in the forum header) - So register there if you haven't already and you will be notified BEFORE your territory expires.


If anyone has lost anything due to the delay (such as bases etc), please let an admin know or POST IN THIS THREAD and we WILL help you. We don't want anyone to lose out and so we WILL help anyone that's lost shit, don't worry :D

Thanks all!


Note: The two features below work for BOTH our Arma 3 Exile Esseker & Tanoa maps.

Fancy new shit alert!
Hey all! So we've made some changes that effect both donor subscribers AND non-donors!

No need to pay for your territory :D
Hey all! So we've made some changes that effect both donor subscribers AND non-donors!


As a thank you for helping to keep our servers running with your donation subscriptions, you now don't need to bother paying for your territory! Note: It is now important that you let me (Mike) or 2yysforu know if you donate! that way we can add you to the donor list quickly :)

If you catch us online, we can do this immediately, no server restart needed ;)

Territory payment EMAIL reminders!
Although you still have to pay for your base, we DO have a little treat for ya!

I've created an online portal that you can sign up to. This will then notify you, via email, when your in-game territory is 4 days away from expiring :D This ONLY works for the territory owner, it does NOT include those who have building rights, only the owner of the territory.

It will also continue to notify you DAILY from that point on, until either you pay, the territory is deleted, or you delete your alert!

Note: It is abso-fucking-lutely VITAL that you fill in the form correctly. If you make a mistake with your Arma 3 UID, you won't get your notices. I've put a little video on the form page to help ya :D

Access the portal (Note, you MUST be logged in to this forum to access this page :) Also, when it asks you for a password, you can use ANY password, just remember it, you'll need it if you want to delete the alert.

Territory Alert System (it's free, of course): http://www.petuniaserver.com/forums/territory/index.php

^^^^^^^ Click there to register to get alerts 4 days before your in-game territory expires

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