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Ban Appeals / Ban Appeal for Jamiet91 also known ( wattmenig)
« on: October 18, 2013, 09:18:37 PM »
I've been banned from the server

I understand that I did some bad things on it like killing of heros

just like to post that I did have 2 names which were in use on this server

I had a bandit side come out and I was involved in the robbery at devils castle involving me matty an ninja and 5 other players which were killed in process

I never killed any of them I only drove the car we robbed of them

because my mates already killed them so I went with them.

and not long after that we were being chased by the players and other players that accompanied them

I shot one player out of the heli.

I was NOT involved in any base crimes other then stealing from a ural in an uncomplete base and I shot the tired from that.

I wasn't involved in blowing up ghosts base because after the attack on them at devils I not long after got killed so came back on as my friendly name jamiet91 and I got involved with them at devils castle and they turned out to be cool guys and fun to play with.  that's why I never got involved on there base attack.

and I will admit I did do one thing that im not proud of lol and made me feel abit guilty

I killed an unarmed player which is not the way I play no matter bandit or not.

other then the above I haven't done well to  my knowledge anything should I say illegal on the server

I began setting up a base of my own the last time I played which was 2nights ago

and I decided my banditry run was over and I was goin to stick friendly as I preferd it.

matty n ninja came on yesterday and I was not with them so what ever they did I wasn't involved in

but matty message me saying he n ninja was banned then ive come on to continue my base building to find I also was banned.

I just ask that I get a second chance I mean u all are most likely to appeal that I stay banned.

and u may have lost trust in me as loyal player but im shore that shouldn't be a reason that im banned.

the amount of time ive played friendly must of been aroun 3 to 6 months. compared to my banditry mode must of been a week max

I will stick to only my name jamiet91 and if changed I will accept the ban cladly

but come on guys another run is all it takes to build the trust again

if it makes use feel better use can all sit there an throw cans at me lol

make it equal in a sense

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