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News & Updates / Changelogs
« on: December 13, 2013, 10:54:56 PM »
Oh Great and Mighty, Supreme Lords of the Interwebs....
Might I humbly request that as the changelog is distributed, could we PLEASE be notified (via the rolling changlog post) which changes are currently active on our great server????

something like
[ADDED] Can now throw toilet paper. @dayz10k  (active)
[ADDED] Can now remove a camo net by right clicking on your toolbox when within 10m of a camo net. @vbawol (not active)

or the likes.....

I understand that could add some workload to you guys, so if there's any way to pass on the info like this that would be easy, that's the only way I'm asking for this.

You guys are awesome either way!!!!!

Team Mates Wanted / Looking for new group
« on: October 27, 2013, 01:12:19 AM »
So, some of you know me, some of you don't.  My old group was known as a very helpful group, I would like to continue that tradition.  I'm an awesome gunner (As bobthethurd describes it, give Pip something with a barrel and he will slap bitches with it), I utilize tactics when needed, know how to enter and exit cities without being seen too much....

I'm an outgoing guy and can usually cause a few laughs.

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